Knowledge Bank

A repository of knowledge associated with Australian urban forestry.

Public Tree Plantings

Effective community engagement should lead to increased support for the planting of new trees in public areas.

Green Corridors

This guide gives urban forest practitioners a tool for connecting existing parks and reserves with multiple types of green infrastructure.

Urban Forests and Health

The purpose of this guide is to equip Australian urban forest planners and managers) with an overview of how how human health and wellbeing objectives might be practically considered in projects.

City of Melbourne - Green Factor Tool

An online assessment tool scoring green infrastructure elements by their effectiveness in providing ecosystem services. It is hoped it will increase vegetation cover on private land.

The Living Pavillion - University of Melbourne

The Living Pavilion (1 May - 17 May 2019) was a transdisciplinary project connecting Indigenous knowledge, ecological science, sustainable design and participatory arts.

Plant Cities

Through multi-disciplinary research, this project will provide in-depth analysis of how people relate with urban trees. It will help us understand how people are affected by urban trees.

Greening Blocks: A Conceptual Typology of Practical Design Interventions for Health and Climate
Sara Barron, Sophie Nitoslawski, Kathleen L. Wolf, Angie Woo, Erin Desautels, Stephen R. J Sheppard

Published in Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16(21), 4241;


Compendium of best urban forest management practices. Second Edition.
Bardekjian, A.


Managing and Monitoring Tree Health and Soil Water Status During Extreme Drought in Melbourne, Victoria
Peter B. May, Stephen J. Livesley, and Ian Shears

Published in Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 2013. 39(3): 136-145